Workshop Buy Italia

Italia Reservation organizes online Wokshop Buy Italia between Buyer and Suppliers in live video conference mode, to encourage the development of the tourism business between operators, thanks to the meeting between Italian sellers and national and international buyers, to search for new commercial agreements.
Thanks to the simple navigation menu, Buyers can search and contact Sellers by selecting the kind of tourism, or the region concerned.

Each Sellers is presented with a technical data sheet that shows name and logo, description, offers, tourist packages and direct contacts. Sellers can modify their presentation form as they wish.

The main objective is the promo-marketing of Italian tourism in the International market and it proposes personalized services to encourage the meeting between tourist demand and offer with B2B workshops and e-mail marketing campaigns.


 Organization online Workshops Buy Italia

The workshop is made through video conference and allows you directly to speak with the buyers of your interest.

  • Seller operators whose require this service, will be able to choose on their own the most interesting Buyers for their business, make appointments and, through our web platform, connect via video conference with the chosen buyers, promote their company and propose trade agreements.

It is a real tourist workshop that lasts 365 days where supply and demand can meet, based on the individual commercial needs of sellers and buyers, standing comfortably behind your desk.

Customized Email Marketing Campaigns

E-Mail Marketing campaigns are carried out with the help of our database composed of about 10.000 International tour operators.

  • Based on the Seller’s commercial objectives, e-mail marketing activities are addressed to the National and International buyers who you want to contact, to propose offers, quotes, collaborations, etc.

Promotional Services Advantages

  • Promote offers to National and International buyers
  • To contact potential partners directly with the live video conference
  • To have a online workshop
  • To optimize costs and travels to participate in fairs and workshops
  • To have effective promotional tools and innovative services at hand for the tourist product distribution.